The Path is an original perimeter path that was connected to an RAF air base during the 2nd world war. Nature has taken hold and re-wilded this beautiful walkway which nurtures an ever changing ecosystem. I have walked this path for over 25yrs and for the past three years I have given it my full attention. Chance intervention is my methodology, looking carefully with detailed observation of seasonal changes. My practice is based on building up a relationship, a knowing of this site and from this ideas and art emerges.The Path project will continue to 2023. 

"Drawing a line through it"  marking the path with charcoal and chalk - filmed in early autumn.

"Walking the Path" A view of the whole length of the perimeter path - filmed mid summer.

Homage to lichen - Embroidery on linen. 

Cracking - Collaged monoprints with charcoal ink. 

Exploring I Ching - Grasses on tracing paper with pencil and ink.

An anthology of confusing messages - 64 zines, soil, moss & ink drawings.

Lichen and bird poo - Charcoal and ink drawing with monoprints. 

Cousins to rock pools - Soil and moss ink monoprints.

Lichen steps - Monoprinted ink and soil 

Cracks - Collaged monoprints

Cracks - Collaged monoprints

Cracks - Collaged monoprints

Cracks - Collaged monorpints

Cracks - Collaged monoprints

Chosen steps - Monoprinted wood and grasses. 

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