Twilight 1   60cm x 83 cm  Drypoint Etching and Lino. A unique print. 1/1. 

Kirkby Lonsdale Stone Lithograph. 59cm x 84cm

Walking  50 cm x 36cm  Multi Plate Drypoint Etching - (One from the edition remaining.) 

Evanescence 26cm x 94cm.  Multi Plate Lino.   Framed edition of two available. 

Nestled 50cm x 71cm Multi Plate Lino . SOLD

Falling Land 70cm x 85cm Multi Plate Lino . SOLD

Bluebell woods   120cm  x 80cm Lino with window insert

Builth Wells Multi Plate Lino.  SOLD

Seaton Relief   Multi plate lino and mono print  71cm x 100cm

Sand Lines . Mono print and Lino. 23cm x 90cm. SOLD. 

Snow Shape  Mono print Lino and Drypoint Etching .  SOLD 

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